Amor Muñoz

Yuca-Tech: Energy by hand (2014-2015)


#Labor #technodiviersity #photovoltaic #community #handcraft #DIY


Yuca_tech is a community technology  laboratory, based in a small textile cooperative in Yucatán, that seeks to create collaborative practices for solving local problems, integrating crafts with open source technologies. The exchange of knowledge is put in the foreground to make technologies with identity that generate an emotional bond between user and technology.

The result has been a series of low-cost and useful photovoltaic textile devices and lighting objects for the population. Yuca_tech seeks to make aesthetics a focus of action and expression; to link the artistic with the pedagogical and give voice to relegated knowledge through technological appropriation.

Members: Luz María centeno, Yolanda Cahum, Gloria Cahum, Milka Mejia, Leydi Mejia,  Karina Mejia.