Amor Muñoz

About the artist

Amor Muñoz (Mexico, 1979)

For a decade Muñoz has worked with crafts and experimental electronics, specifically with electronic textiles, changing hard circuits for soft circuits, transforming the rigid language of engineering into a soft, tactile and flexible language. This connection between technology and craftsmanship has led her to develop several lines of work and research. The first deals with work and technodiversity, generating a series of social and participatory projects. Another line of work is Poetic Coding in which she seeks to connect nodes such as text, textile, code and language, bringing zeros and ones, the language of computers, to the realm of poetics. And the third line of research seeks to relate biology with technology and crafts to create a series of pieces that speculate about futures and posthumanist ideas.





2022 CIFO – Ars Electronica Awards (First prize).
2021 Honorary Mention. 15th Cuenca Biennial. Ecuador.
2020 Grant, National System of Art Creators (SNCA). National Council for Culture and Arts of Mexico.
2019 Artist Residency Award. Google Arts and Culture Lab. Paris, France.
2017 Artist Residency Award. Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Germany.
2015 Artist Residency Award. Kultur Kontakt. Vienna, Austria.
2013 New Face Award / 17th Japan Media Arts Festival.
2012 Honorary Mention / Prix Ars Electronica. Linz, Austria.
2012 Prize “Mentes Quo+Discovery 2013”, Quo Magazine and Discovery Channel. Mexico.

2010 Grant for Investigation and Production in Arts and New Media of Centro Multimedia MX.




2023 AQUA CORPORA. MUI Museum – Tec de Monterrey. Puebla, Mexico.

2023 Tactile Translations. Colector Gallery. Monterrey city. Mexico.

2021 Hybrida – Amor Muñoz. MUAC (University Museum Contemporary Art), Mexico city.

2020. Patterns- Amor Munoz. Clandestina Gallery. Miami.

2017 Yuca_Tech. MUCA Roma Museum. UNAM. Mexico city.

2015 Rhythmic Manufacture / 21er Haus, Belvedere, Vienna.

2011 SCHEMATICS. Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Mexico City.




2023 Interreality. Bitforms Gallery and PR For Artists. Los Angeles, Ca.

2023 sound-Sites in the Age of Utopian Recoverism. University Gallery. University of Florida.

2022 A Parallel (R)evolution – Digital Art in Latin America. LENTOS Museum (Ars Electronica), Austria.

2022 So Future (RMT x GOGBOT). Rijksmuseum Twenthe. Nederlands.

2021 XV International Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador.

2021 Interweaving Poetic Code. CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), Hong Kong.

2021 Overview Effect. Contemporary Art Museum Belgrade, Serbia.

2019 Please Touch the thread. Google Arts and Culture. Mobilier National. Paris, France.

2019 XIII Bienal de la Habana. Cuba.

2019 RAW: Craft, Commodity, and Capitalism. Craft Contemporary Museum, Los Angeles, California.

2017 Soundtracks. SFMOMA. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. USA.

2017 Artist Residency exhibition, Gropius House. Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Germany.

2017 HYBRIS. MUSAC. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León. Spain.

2016 SWAB Barcelona. Programa Solo Swab. Italian Pavilion. Barcelona, Spain.

2015 Transcultural Emancipation 2. Public Art Fluc. Vienna Art Week. Vienna, Austria.

2014 Digital Latin American. 516 Arts. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

2013 JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL. The National Art Center, Tokyo. Japan.

2012 CYBERARTS 2012. Ars Electronica. OK CENTER. Linz, Austria.

2012 ESTO NO ES UN MUSEO-. ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies. Barcelona, España.

2011 CONDUCTORES: Galia Eibenschutz and Amor Muñoz. Rubin Center, University of Texas, USA.

2011 ELECTRONIKA- VIVO ARTE.MOV. Festival De Novas Tendências. Palácio das Artes, Belo

Horizonte. Brasil.

2011 TRANSITIO MX, International Festival on Electronic Arts and Video. Mexico City.

2010 TRANSFRONTERAS CONTEMPORANEAS, America Latina Memorial. São Paulo, Brasil.

2010 DRAW, Museo de la Ciudad de México. Mexico city.



– Hybrida, Amor Munoz. MUAC (
University Museum Contemporary Art). Mexico, 2020.

– Please touch the thread- Jacquard by Google. Google Arts & Culture, 2019.

– RAW, Craft, Commodity and Capitalism. Craft Contemporary Museum, 2019.

– Gropius House /Contemporary. Bauhaus Residency Programme 2016-2018. Kerber.

-EYEO Converge to inspire 2011-2015. EyeO Festival Book. USA, 2015.

-Digital Latin American. Radius Books. 516 Arts & UNM Art Museum. USA, 2014.

-17th Japan Media Arts Festival Book. Japan, 2014.

-New York Times A Factory on Bicycle Wheels, Carrying Hope of a Better Life.Demian Cave, 31 December 2012.

-CyberArts 2012 Book. Prix Ars Electronica Linz, Austria.

-Roulotte:09 This is not a museum. Associació per a la cultura i l’Art Contemporani Barcelona, España. 2011.




Material Worlds: Solar. MoMA – Ambasz Institute Events, 2022.

– CIFO & Ars Electronica: Latin American Media Art (history and praxis), 2021.

– Short Circuiting Textiles. Online Discussion Forum. CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textiles), 2021.

– UC Berkeley Arts+Design. Thursday Lectures Series, 2020.

– Americas Cultural Summit. Ottawa, Canada, 2018.

– Demand Solutions. Inter-American Development Bank. Mexico city, 2018.

– Kunstuniversität Linz. E-textiles as a social strategy. Linz, Austria, 2015.

– Ort | Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. Art & Technology as factors of social change. Vienna, 2015.

– EyeO Festival. Art & Technology as factors of social change. Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA, 2015.

– Japan Media Arts Festival. James Bridle & Amor Munoz. Tokyo, Japan, 2014.

– TAG CDMX Festival. Los textiles electrónicos como estrategia social. Mexico city, 2014.





Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Kadist Art Foundation


Fundación Bienal de Cuenca.

Carrillo Gil Contemporary Art Museum