Amor Muñoz

Corpus Aquae (2023)

Commissioned by Tec de Monterrey


#interactive #bio #AI #organic #synthetic

An artificial body contains a sample from the Santa Catarina River, a body of water that crosses the city of Monterrey and is considered the backbone of the area. Using a drip system, this living piece of the river gets its voice. Each drop is a word that is woven with others to speculate on possible futures.

On the other hand, several bodies of water in resistance are spoken in languages generated by artificial intelligence, this is achieved by activating the textile interfaces that surround the central sculpture. The language of water was a speculation at first. By using Machine Learning, a timbre transfer process was carried out, in which any pronounced word, in this case the name of a river or lake, is transformed into sounds of water. Another exercise was to create a hidden language of water, from spectrograms obtained from different sounds from bodies of water, the machine receives a sample, interprets and makes up a series of strange words that only an AI could pronounce.

CORPUS AQUAE is a reflection of our relationships with the non-human (in this case with bodies of water), speculating on possible futures and other forms of communication and interaction with the natural and technological.

Programming: Pabel Lerma

Textile work: Dos Coyotes

Metal works: Muuc Studio