Amor Muñoz

Chimera: Expended Bodies (2022)

Commissioned by CIFO – Ars Electronica


#bio #tech #automata #metabolism #sound #interactive #hybrid

Inspired by some ideas from Nam June Paik and Jana Sterbark, CHIMERA, EXPANDED BODIES points to a biotechnological poetic exploration that questions how we define life, what its borders and possibilities are, placing the hybrid as a central point to destabilize binary constructions such as the organic and inorganic, biological and synthetic, the body and the machine.

CHIMERA, EXPANDED BODIES is a sound installation made up of a set of bioautomata, artificial entities that contain living matter and generate performative gestures through their biological process, which is monitored by sensors. On the other hand, these bodies have a textile-tactile nervous system that can be activated by the public to make their organs sound.

Abstract bodies in which the heartbeat, the pulse, the circulation, the breathing and the nervous system are synthesized in a hybrid, post-humanist entity that obeys the stimuli of other bodies.

Programming: Pabel Lerma

Sound design: Rogelio Sosa

Textile work: Dos Coyotes /Itayedzin Aragón

Metal works: Muuc Studio