Amor Muñoz

0 Rs= φ(P,V,D)_ Simulación y Espacio


#DIY #soundaction #publicspace #memory #social

Sound Action in public space / In memory – 1985 Earthquake / Mexico City / Cart with homemade seismic alarms.

Rs= φ(P,V,D): Simulación y espacio, proposes an approach to natural risks, specifically seismic, which within the urban context, necessarily raise questions about social organization, prevention and protection.

To do this, the artist has designed a mobile device whose movement activates a seismic alarm mechanism inside: the movement generates repeated small-scale simulations of an earthquake, activating the sound of 5 sirens (in this case, of lower intensity). within the described module. The exploration of the subtle line between the state of alert and the state of alarm is complemented by the delivery of an instruction to the public on how they can make their own homemade alarm.

The title of the gesture corresponds to the equation used to calculate seismic risk based on three factors: danger, vulnerability and damage; Meanwhile, the artistic simulation takes place in the space of the Historic Center, one of the most vulnerable areas of the country in the event of an earthquake, due to the large number of buildings classified as “high risk.” Rs= φ(P,V,D): Simulación y espacio is also a reminder of the 1985 earthquake and its consequences.