Amor Muñoz

JOULE / Work Force (2012)


#labor #textile #sound #action #coding #memory #productionsystems

Joules is a textile and sound installation commissioned by Chrysler Mexico. After visiting the Chrysler Assembly Plant  in Detroit and observing The Murals of Detroit Industry by Diego Rivera, Muñoz takes the figure of the worker as the central point of this work and questions how the market, the economic system, seeks to make workers invisible when the labor force is a fundamental capital in production systems. The installation consists of a giant work coverall and three  textile pieces that emit sounds recorded in the Assembly Plant  and also  containing coded information about social movements, using sewing patterns drawn in Morse code.  The work coverall is also activated in public spaces. Workers and students walk collectively with the giant piece in public squares, thus making visible that collective body, the industrial workers as the engine and promise of social change.