Amor Muñoz

Hybrida (2020)


#technodiversity #handcraft #sound #photovoltaic #flow #knowledge

Hybrida is a project that speculates on new forms of life, connecting nodes from the fields of biology and  technology. The exhibition consists of three sound biosculptures. Inside each one of them, reside living organisms (colonies of bacteria and yeasts) in a continuous process of fermentation. Through the use of sensors, the biological activity is transformed into data that is eventually translated into a sonorous environment of gastric and intestinal sounds. This audio stimuli represent a form of expression of the organic processes, mediated by the technologic language.

Hybrida, 2020. Installation- 3 sound biosculptures (glass, steel, electronics, bacteria and yeast.).165x70x70 cm.

Programing: Christofer Galicia / Pabel Lerma

Sound design: Roglio Sosa

Fermentation - SCOBY
SCOBY - symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast used in the production of kombucha
Hybrida- Installation, sound biosculptures. MUAC 2021.
Bacteria Code, 2020. Bacterial ink on cotton paper

HYBRIDA 0.2 / Evolutions

Stomach Lung - Hybrida 2021.Bio-sound sculpture (living matter and electronics) Cortesía de Colector Gallery
Control Bacteria- Hybrida 2021.Bio-sound sculpture (living matter and electronics)
Siamese - Hybrida 2023 Sculpture: Iron, glass, fabrics, SCOBY and electronics. 165 x 50 x 90 cm
Siamese- Hybrida 2023.Bio-sound sculpture (living matter and electronics)